Sunday School

Mission Statement

To build a faith foundation for children and youth by guiding them into a personal relationship with Jesus.

Sunday School

Our Sunday school classes meet regularly during the school year (September to June) at 10:15am for all ages through High School. Summer Classes are held for 8th Grade and below. Children who attend Sunday school classes at MPCC receive substancial discounts on both of our Summer and Winter Exploration programs

For the Fall of 2021, our Sunday school classes are held online until further details due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. 

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Youth Ministries


Ms. BJ has been the Youth Ministries Director at MPCC since 2019. She has been attending MPCC since 2002. She has been involved in our Youth Ministries since 2015 as a Youth Advisor and Summer Ex Staff. In 2019, she Co-directed our Summer Ex program. 

She wants to build and inspire future church leaders in our church and help our youth strengthen their faith in God.




Immerse: Beginnings is the second of six volumes for use in Immerse: The Bible Reading Experience. Beginnings takes the reader on a new and unique journey through the first five books of the Bible: the Pentateuch. In Beginnings readers follow the ancient nation of Israel from its earliest ancestors to the moment it is poised to enter the land God promised them. As God’s covenant community follows the instructions laid out in the Pentateuch, they not only receive God’s blessings but also are uniquely positioned to bring renewal and healing to the world and to show all peoples the true character and nature of God.

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