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About us

Our Mission...

To bind together followers of Jesus Christ for the purpose of sharing in the worship of God and in making His Will dominant in the lives of all people, individually and collectively, especially as that Will is set forth in the Bible and in the life teachings of Jesus Christ.



In 1913, the Whittier Plymouth Congregational church embarked on a mission outreach effort to the growing Japanese immigrant community in Montebello. What began as a Sunday school project eventually grew, through the hardworking, dedication and sacrifice of the Issei members, to be the Montebello Plymouth Congregational Church. 

Building on the foundation laid down by the Issei, MPCC continued to grow and mature as a church under the emerging able leadership of the second generation Japanese Americans, the Nisei. With their diligent commitment and support, MPCC strove to meet the Gospel call to minister to the spiritual needs of its members, while also seeking to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with the community at large. 

In 2013, we celebrated 100 years of faithful service to our loving God. We continue to rejoice in our diversity and are empowered to carry on this rich legacy of faith as a people of God called to a ministry of peace, justice and a loving community.

Our Logo...

The MPCC logo was adopted in June 1979. The red circle is a full moon laced with gentle clouds with an origami tsuru (crane) flying by serenely. It reminds us of our church's Asian roots and a common human yearning for peace and harmony. 

The small circle is made up of four parts, with each enclosing an inward and outward arrow symbolizing the cross of Jesus in the midst of the challenges of our present world. The arrows remind us that, as Christians, we are called to minister outward to the world and gather inward with each other for renewal and fellowship. 

Our logo tells us of the Good News: that God yearns to give us peace, joy, and wholeness.

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