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Summer Exploration

What is Summer Exploration?

Summer Ex is a two-week Vacation Bible School that explores God’s world through relationships, recreation, and creative expression. Our program is designed specifically for Preschool through 8th graders based on your child’s June 2022 grade completion. 

If you are considering a summer program for your child, Summer Ex can provide a special learning environment which also teaches trust, faith, cooperation, and kindness. We hope to see you this summer!

Summer Ex Newsletters:

Important Dates:

  • May 29 - Early Bird Summer Exploration Registration due

  • June 5 - Summer Ex Staff Application & Summer Exploration Registration due

  • June 27 - July 1 - Staff Training

  • July 5 - Summer Ex begins!

Important note:

Summer Exploration is resuming in-person after 2 years of Virtual meetings. We require everyone (children & staff) attending to be fully vaccinated (2 doses) before Summer Ex begins. 

* Please contact our Church for more info at (323) 721-5568

Below is the calendar of events for Summer Ex 2022

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